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Relationship & Couples Counseling

Couples' Discernment Counseling

Are you questioning whether you should continue in your current relationship or separate?  I can help you decide whether to work on your relationship or to move toward separation.  We focus on what each of you needs for a satisfying relationship and discuss what may be involved in separating.

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Gottman Method

Is your daily life plagued with arguing? Do you need help with communication? Has there been an infidelity? Are there trust issues?  In a satisfying relationship and planning on getting married? If you and your significant other are committed to making your relationship better, Gottman Couples Therapy strengthens the relationship.

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Have you already decided to end the relationship but want help doing so?  If in the course of discernment counseling or couples’ therapy you decide there are incompatibilities, as a trained Mediator, we can work together or with the help of an attorney toward an amicable and affordable separation.

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Family Counseling

Are you concerned about the effect your relationship is having on other family members? Or, does your family life just seem to not be going smoothly?: I can work with your family to help restore more peaceful day-to-day interactions.

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Individual Counseling

Depression & Anxiety

Have you been feeling depressed or anxious? Having been a researcher on the REVAMP depression study and Harvard-Brown Anxiety Research Project, I have experience with individuals managing these issues.  Using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, we work together to understand what the causes are and develop practical tools and solutions that you can use for a lifetime.

EMDR: Post Traumatic Stress or Chronic Pain

Are you having difficulty with disturbing memories of a traumatic event?  Are you experiencing chronic pain or have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, RSD or migraines?  I use Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) to help you work through post-traumatic stress and to help alleviate chronic pain issues.

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Coaching for Life's Problems

If you are struggling with an issue or are looking for a technique I haven't mentioned, feel free to reach out so we can discuss whether I have the experience and training to help you.  If you are faced with a life dilemma, I can be a sounding board and provide support and constructive feedback to help you resolve your current problem.  Click below for a short list of issues we can work on together.

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I can help

Together we will collaborate on goals for your counseling.  Clients have appreciated my ability to listen without judgement or without taking sides.  They have described me as an "anchor" because I assist you in staying grounded on your journey to creating a life you want.  They have also taken comfort in knowing that I am a "bulldog" in that I advocate for your well-being, help you find your strength when you are in a rough patch, and help you stay accountable to yourself in finding your happiness, whether you are a couple or an individual.


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