If you are in a relationship and have both decided to go separate ways, I can assist you in keeping the separation amicable.  As a certified mediator, I can help you negotiate as basic settlement of the assets and liabilities and any issues relating to minor children.

Mediation is different from divorce litigation. In litigation, each spouse hires an attorney.  Division of assets and liabilities is argued about, and a judge makes the final decision.  This usually creates animosity so that each spouse is less likely to want to compromise.  Litigated divorces are more difficult for the rest of the family, including children.  They are also more financially costly.

On the other hand, with mediation, each spouse maintains power and control over the process and the final decision is not left up to a judge.  I help you discuss issues civilly, reducing hostility.  Both spouses should be resume their lives more quickly while maintaining a decent relationship for the sake of children involved.

After we work out as many mutual terms for the separation as possible, I recommend the couple consult an attorney who specializes in collaborative divorces.  I can refer you to an attorney who will iron out the legal details and finalize the divorce.

If you prefer to consult an attorney who specializes in uncontested divorces from the beginning, I have a few trusted attorneys to refer you to, or who will come to a session.