Are you headed toward breakup? divorce? separation? marriage? a better marriage? Discernment counseling can help you and your partner gain clarity and confidence about the direction of your relationship.   The benefit of discernment is that it is short term, versus long term couples' counseling.   I can help you figure out if you are both ready to partake in couples' counseling or to begin the separation process.

In this process, you will come to understand where the relationship took wrong turns and how each person has contributed to the problem.We can discuss issues such as affairs, falling out of love, willingness to change or decisions to  leave the relationship.

If through discernment counseling you have decided to make the relationship better, I can help you with the Gottman Method of couples' counseling.

You may come to the decision that potentially six months of couples' counseling is not for you.  With my training in Mediation, I can help you collaborate on separation in order to not "make things worse."