The Gottman Method of couples counseling is based on the results of research that observed thousands of couples since the 1970s.  The results of the research can predict with 96% accuracy which newlyweds will eventually get divorced.  This prediction is based on nine main characteristics of the relationship.  The good news is that I have practical interventions to improve the areas that you as a couple need help with.

The first few sessions, we will be assessing the problem areas of the relationship jointly and in a solo session.  To save you time and money, you will fill out an in depth questionnaire at home.

Gottman therapy is different from other kinds of therapy.  I view my role more as a coach, and less as a jury.  I understand that there are two sides to every issue and I do not take a side.  In therapy, I provide guidance in helping you use the new tools to improve areas of your relationship, so that eventually you can do it at home on your own, and do not need me.

If you and your significant other are committed to making your relationship better, this type of therapy strengthens the relationship by improving conflict management, communication, friendship, emotional connection, and intimacy.  We will also work on repairing past hurts, getting to know each other again, staying positive and creating shared meaning and dreams for your future together.  

If you and your significant other are not sure about the future of your relationship, I can assist you with relationship discernment counseling.